Acupuncture beauty care keeps you young

[Introduction]Acupuncture and cosmetology is to use acupuncture and moxibustion methods to nourish viscera, swelling and disperse knots, and regulate qi and blood, so as to alleviate or eliminate certain physiological or pathological disorders that affect appearance.The purpose of soothing aging and beauty.

  What is acupuncture and beauty care? Acupuncture and beauty can be divided into acupuncture and moxibustion.

Acupuncture is commonly used with acupuncture needles, ear needles and needles, while moxibustion is divided into direct therapy and indirect therapy. Direct moxibustion is treated with moxa stick at a certain distance (about 1-3cm) from the skin, and indirect moxibustion is more commonly used with ginger-separated

  Acupuncture beauty principles (1) Acupuncture and matching points Because the biggest feature of acupuncture is to adjust the whole body, it must be combined with acupuncture points locally to have a good effect.

Local acupoints can activate circulation, improve circulation, promote epidermal cell metabolism to eliminate spots, spot defects, and enhance muscle elasticity, while whole-body acupoints focus on balancing viscera and regulating the functions of various systems to achieve cosmetic purposes.

Single acupoints and group acupoints: Single points can be used clinically or several acupoints can be used as a group. If you enhance some aspects of function, you can use a single point to highlight its effectiveness; for those who regulate the overall function, use oneGroup acupuncture points to enhance the effect.

Near and acupoints: Near acupoints, that is, acupoints at the distal end, are acupuncture methods that replace parts with skin to improve the skin.

The distal acupoint refers to the method of picking acupuncture points away from the face, which can not only supplement local protrusions, but also implant damage to tissues and organs of the distant parts involved in this meridian cycle, and some even affect the whole body.effect.
  (2) Essentials of beauty and health care with needles. Needle application should be gentle, stimulus intensity should be moderate, and not excessive.

Generally, the needle should not be left for too long, and the needle can be taken out after getting angry. The depth of acupuncture should also be suitable for people. For the elderly, the needle should not be inserted too deep;

  (3) Taboos should not be used in cases of hunger, oversatisfaction, drunkenness, anger, shock, overwork, etc. Acupuncture should not be used in pregnant women.

Acupoints for removing wrinkles and wrinkles: The main points are: Silk Bamboo, Bamboo, Sun, Giant, Yingxiang, Grenade, Howling.

Acupoints: Zhongli, Hegu, Quchi, Zusanli.

Acupuncture: 3 points for the main points and 1-2 points for the points each time.

Note: The compatibility of acupoints in this group is characterized by the combination of proximal acupoints and recent acupoints.

That is, from a local point of view, acupoints are taken near the place where wrinkles are prone, and the overall conditioning of the viscera and air holes is to pick up the Yangming Meridian points and cooperate with each other to complement each other.

  Acupuncture is suitable for ulcers, melasma, skin allergies, acute measles, eczema, etc., the incidence of bleeding disorders and patients with hypertension, generally use diarrhea, flattening and reducing the common method, commonly used acupuncture points Hegu, QuChi, Xuehai, Fengshi, Feishu, Shenshu, Zusanli, Sanyinjiao, Changqiang and Ashi acupoints.

In case of special needs, local acupoints, meridian points or whole body points can be selected.

Auricular therapy is suitable for retinal veins and allergic skin diseases.

For those with lesions such as eczema in the ear, several stimulation methods are generally used, namely ear acupuncture, ear buried needles, ear buried pills (Chinese medicine king does not leave the line), the above alternatives.

Acupoints should be 2-3 on the same side.

  Auricular acupoint pressure therapy for chloasma is optional for lung, kidney, spleen, and diabetic points, and can be equipped with internal genitalia, screen tip, and ear. Generally, the medicine is changed after 3 days, and 5 times is a course of treatment.

During the treatment, Chinese medicine, western medicine and other therapies were replaced. During the treatment, the sun was prevented from being exposed and the effective rate was 97.


It is suitable for alopecia areata, localized dermatitis, and chronic eczema.

Supplementation for pregnant women, dizziness and bleeding disorders.

  Use a needle (seven-pointed needle) as a stabbing method to puncture a rash or alopecia areata, usually from the inside to the outside, causing the skin to slightly bleed. If alopecia areata is treated with ginger tablets for a few rounds, you can apply the medicine locally.

Lancet therapy is suitable for bloating, folliculitis in the head, and ulcers.

Pregnant woman.
Replenishment for bleeding disorders and dizziness.

The method is to massage 10-20 times in the Weizhong acupoint, pierce the Weizhong acupuncture point with a 2-3cm needle in alcohol disinfection, and take the Qi as the degree. After 15 minutes, remove the needle and squeeze the eye firmly.The degree of bleeding is 1-2 drops, once every other day, and 5-8 times as a course of treatment.

  Smoked stick therapy is made of moxa sticks or moxa sticks, which are used to burn or smoke roast acupoints or affected areas to locally produce warm or mild burning irritation to adjust the body’s physiological functions and improve body resistanceforce.
Applying beauty treatment can treat melasma of kidney yang deficiency; those with kidney yang deficiency can moxibustion Zusanli, Xuehai and Hegu.

The smoker ignites smoke, and the distance between the fire head and the skin is the degree of the patient’s voluntary warming, each time for 30 minutes.

  Water acupuncture therapy is mostly used for chloasma patients. Injection of Huoxue Huayu injection in the face points is generally used for acupoint selection; Yingxiang, People, Sun, Retina, Yangbai, Yintang.

0 is injected into each acupoint.

5ml medication.

Once a day, 10 times is a course of treatment.