Four Principles of TCM Health

Sun Shuchun, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medicine, reminded citizens at the Hainan International Forum on Health Preservation that Chinese health practitioners should pay attention to “the heavens and the people respond, the way is natural; the spirit is optimistic, the virtues are good; the diet is controlled, and each one takes what he needs;Four principles of movement.

  With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, there is an even more urgent need for leisure, health, health and higher.

Sun Shuchun said that the first thing to do in traditional Chinese medicine is to “respond to heaven and man, and the way is natural.”

He explained that there is a record in “Qin Wen · Ancient Innocence”: “The ancient people, the ones who know it, are in Yin and Yang, and in numbers.

Have a diet and a routine, don’t forget to do something.

Therefore, it can be shaped with the gods, and at the end of its century, it is gone.

“So, first of all, we must have a regular life, do not smoke, drink less, and develop a good lifestyle.

He said that if it is “inverse to living and living without restraint”, health will definitely be affected over time.

  The essence is “spiritual optimism, good morals.”

He said that the World Health Organization put forward the concept of “half of health is mental health”.

Therefore, the public is encouraged to view and solve problems with an optimistic attitude and a positive attitude.

Because optimism is an open mind.

Sun Shuchun said that when a person is happy, the body secretes endorphins, which can make people happy, their personality optimistic, cheerful, and very good for their health.

  The third point is “eating well, taking what you need.”

Sun Shuchun said in the “Six Questions on Dirty Elephant Theory”: “Heaven eats people with five qi, and earth eats people with five flavors.

“Blindly subjective regulations of human beings do not conform to objective laws. When you want to eat something, it is because your body lacks it, and you should take these foods.

He explained that the health concept of “eat well in the morning, eat at noon, and eat less at night” does not apply to all people. The number and quantity of diets should be determined according to the living habits and working conditions of different groups of people.

  The fourth life is in motion.

He said that people of all ages should increase the length of walking. If the body can sweat slightly after walking, the effect is the best.

The correct way to walk is to maintain a calm and relaxed mentality, “Looking around and looking forward is better than walking in leisure court.”

In addition, he reminded the public that the winter weather is cold, and the number and time of outdoor sports should be appropriately reduced.