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Amblyopia is a common eye developmental disease that seriously endangers children’s vision, often accompanied by varying degrees of strabismus and refractive error, which has a serious impact on children’s learning and future work.

According to statistics, the incidence of amblyopia in adolescents is about 3.

0% -4.


  At present, there are many methods for treating amblyopia in western medicine, such as wearing appropriate glasses, eye covering, instrument therapy, visual stimulation therapy and drug therapy.

These methods follow different principles, stimulate the eyeball from different aspects, promote eyeball development, and improve vision.

However, these methods have some shortcomings: cycle extension generally requires treatment for 3-6 years depending on the degree of amblyopia in children.

  Children with complicated treatment procedures should go to the hospital for treatment once a day or several times a week.

This brings great inconvenience to children’s life and study. Many parents cannot guarantee that their children will receive systematic treatment on time due to various reasons.

  The treatment method is boring, sick, naughty and active, with poor coordination ability, and it is difficult to insist on repeating tedious treatment for a long time, which affects the effect of amblyopia treatment.

  Chinese medicine believes that the purpose is to make the brain more powerful.

Abnormal visual experience in early development can affect the spatial characteristics of cortical neurons, disrupt normal visual development, disrupt the optic nerve center, and cause multi-dimensional and multi-level damage to the visual neural pathways and the visual cortex, gradually forming amblyopia.

  Tuina is a physical stimulus that causes a change in the body’s biophysics and biochemistry.

This change adjusts the function of the visual organs through neural reflexes and body fluid regulation, so that the meridians are cleared, the yin and yang are balanced, the camp and health are reconciled, and the circulation of qi and blood is as usual, thereby achieving the purpose of treatment.

Practice has proved that massage is effective in treating amblyopia and strabismus in children.

  This treatment is a combination of sequential acupoints (mainly eye-clearing, acupoints, baizhu, Baihui, silk bamboo, etc.) and follow-up acupoints to pick up stimulation points at the corresponding parts of the body’s surface based on interrelated alternative nerves.By pressing, kneading, pinching, rubbing and other methods, the visual nerve pathways are adjusted to stimulate the central visual cortex, thereby restoring vision.

This treatment has no complications, is not easy to relapse, and avoids the trouble of long-term physical therapy, the replacement of medicines and the pain of surgical treatment, and easily enables the child to have a pair of bright eyes.