Find a health regimen that suits you

At present, how to maintain health has become the main topic of daily life for many people.

In fact, experts believe that whether it is a medicinal supplement or a food supplement, the most important thing is to differentiate the supplements and choose a method that is suitable for you.

Otherwise, instead of achieving the effect of health, it will eat something wrong.


hzh{display:none;}  养生之法不妨中庸些  在医院门诊室,笔者碰到了因为肠胃不适前来看病的林先生。Asked about his health regimen, he laughed, and now he is confused.

It turned out that recently he had two friends who were decomposed into kidney stones and cholecystitis during the unit physical examination. He himself had recently suffered from stomach problems.

The most amazing thing is that among a group of friends, the three of them are most concerned about health, but this time they have turned on the health “red light”.

While other friends usually eat and drink, they are all fine.

When he came to the hospital this time, in addition to seeing a stomach problem, he also had a purpose of consulting the doctor about his health experience.

  Health care must grasp a “degree” and cannot go astray.

I usually find too many patients like Mr. Lin in the outpatient clinic. In the daily diet, the taboo is very strict, and they dare not eat anything. If they are afraid of high blood lipids, they will not touch high protein and high trace food.

Some edible oils are now marked with such a phrase: “No cholesterol”, which caters to such a group of people.

In fact, cholesterol is a basic nutritional element of a person and is not completely harmful.

In particular, some elderly people believe that the old saying that it is difficult to buy a lot of money to grow old and lose weight is a respect for foods containing cholesterol and high protein.

The problem is that although their chance of suffering from diseases such as hyperlipidemia and cardiovascular disease has decreased, their physique has also declined, with osteoporosis, weak health, and low resistance, and the body’s “health defense line” may be normal.The cold and diarrhea were destroyed.

  For example, a dish that everyone is very familiar with-spinach roasted tofu, is this dish good or bad for the human body?

Some people say that spinach is good for roasting tofu. In the interconnection, the oxalic acid in spinach is combined with the calcium in tofu to form insoluble calcium oxalate, which can be discharged with the feces to prevent the formation of urinary stones. Some people say that spinach is also rich in spinach.A certain amount of oxalic acid, if burned with tofu, is easy to form calcium salts that are not easily absorbed, which affects the use and absorption of calcium . These statements are theoretically correct, but the key is that these claimsWhen made a test tube.
In fact, the human stomach is a high-acid environment, and the oxalic acid in spinach is weakly acidic. It is like a drop of water poured into the sea in front of a powerful stomach acid, and it has no power at all.

  So to say that everything has two sides, the key is to be moderate.

Therefore, it is recommended that everyone treats health as a moderation, not too deliberate, a balanced diet is the most important.

  Health care must also be differentiated in the Pediatrics Clinic of the Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital. Ms. Wu took her one-year-old daughter to see the doctor. She said that she always attaches great importance to health care, but she does not know why her child’s appetite is not open.

I learned from the doctor that in the summer, hand, foot and mouth disease is relatively high. She heard that putting mung beans in porridge and red dates can prevent hand, foot and mouth disease in children. She has been giving children mung bean porridge. As a result, the child’s stomach became”Cold”.

  In fact, health must also pay attention to physical cold and heat, and physical fitness is also related to age, heredity, and place of residence.

People living in mountainous areas generally have the characteristics of spleen and stomach deficiency.

Because they usually drink mountain water, which is hard water, it is easy to cause spleen and stomach dehydration and suffer from stones.

These people usually cannot eat foods that are too cold, such as crabs, soft-shelled turtles, and fish gelatine, and eat more celery and animal offal.

  In terms of age, young women generally have yin deficiency and fire, showing dry throat, upset, irritable, reddish tongue, etc., can eat red dates, American ginseng, shrimp skin, seaweed; and when women reach middle age, their body heat drops, Easy to cold, appear pale, lips no blood, chills and other symptoms, it is necessary to warm the spleen and stomach, can make homemade ginger wine.

The method is to slice the ginger and fry it in oil to a slightly yellowish color, then pour the rice wine and boil it.

  In terms of body type, Chinese medicine believes that people of different body types have different physiques and different physiological characteristics. The body can be kept in a more balanced state through appropriate health maintenance methods.

There is a saying in Chinese medicine called “fat people are sputum, thin people are hot.”

This means that people with a more physically-shaped body are mainly yang with weak qi and sputum in their bodies; those with a thinner body are often hot, thirsty and dizzy.

Therefore, fat people should eat less animal liver, eggs and other high feces, high protein foods, while lean people can eat some foods such as lily, river eel, fish gelatin.