Moisturizing skin in winter, dry skin, dry and itchy skin

Dry winters, rough, corroding and itching attacks, every inch of the body’s skin is tested.

Want to respond to Ying Run silky muscles in time?

Then start with the small details of the body care, so that our body skin will be hydrated for a winter from being damaged by dryness!

  Moisturizing From the beginning of bathing, many people are used to giving the task of body moisturizing to a bottle of body milk. In fact, if you want to make your body skin dry in winter, you must start with the details of the bath.

In winter, people like to take a hot hot bath to drive off the cold, and excessive water temperature may just damage the skin surface barrier and exacerbate the dryness of the skin.

Experts suggest that the temperature of the bath water in winter still needs to be maintained at 38 ° C?
40 ° C.

And it is best not to take more than 20 minutes.

If the bath time is too long, it will excessively dissolve the natural sebum film on the surface of the skin; at the same time, the pores are opened during the bath, the skin moisture is evaporated, and the skin will become drier over time.

In addition, you may wish to drink a glass of boiling water or fruit juice before and after taking a bath to replenish your body’s moisture and promote circulation and metabolism.

  In fact, because dry and cold winters make the skin more susceptible to moisture loss, it is important to avoid excessive cleansing and exacerbate skin dryness while paying attention to cleansing.

In autumn and winter, it is best to replace the refreshing bath products with cleansing power into mild moisturizing products.

Try not to bathe more than once a day.

Many people have the habit of taking a bath in winter, and more vigorous rubbing actually destroys the protective barrier on the skin surface, making the skin more sensitive and fragile.

  Wipe the warm muscles into the winter, and want the moisturizing effect of the body milk to be more effective, instead of just having everything in one swipe, and pay attention to “the right place at the right time”.

You should know that 10 minutes after bathing is the best time to apply body milk. At this time, the pores are still in a relaxed state, and skin care products are easy to absorb and penetrate. Therefore, do not apply body milk after bathing and rubbing until you go to bed.It should be applied as soon as possible after the bath and dry the skin to about 70%, so as to achieve the best moisturizing effect.

Before applying it, you may want to put your body milk on the palm or preheat it with a hair dryer (blow for 10 seconds from 10 cm hot air), so that the skin can reabsorb.

In addition, for areas that are particularly easy to dry such as the waist and extremities, special attention should be paid to thick application.

  For dry skin, if you do n’t feel dry for a few hours after applying body lotion with lotion, you may want to switch to a creamy or oily body product to bring better moisture retention to the skin.

Basically, some “warm-up” body milks that contain ginger, cinnamon, or black pepper are also available on the market. For those who are afraid of cold in winter, they can also promote the cold-dispelling effect while moisturizing.

  Winter Moisturizing Tips: 1. In order to avoid skin moisture evaporation, the indoor humidity should generally be maintained at about 50 ℃.

If the room is too dry in winter, you may wish to use a humidifier to increase the humidity in the room to help maintain skin moisture.

  2. In addition to drinking plenty of water in winter, eat more vitamin A foods such as pork liver, poultry eggs, cod liver oil, carrots, etc. also help to moisturize the skin, and sesame, soybeans, peanuts, fungus, etc. also have good moisturizing skinEffect.

  Experts who have responded to the trend of solar itching pointed out that to prevent skin itching in winter, the most important thing is to maintain skin moisture and reduce the loss of moisture and oil in the stratum corneum.

For skin that is prone to itching, it is best to add a slightly acidic bath milk when taking a bath, and avoid using alkaline soaps that are too clean.

Bathing can make the skin full of moisture, so many people with dry, dehydrated and itchy skin will alleviate their symptoms after taking a bath, but remember not to drink a bath every day because of this, so as not to make the skin itchy.

  In fact, you should avoid choosing chemical fiber texture as much as possible for the clothes you wear in winter, but you should choose cotton or silk thickness to avoid itching caused by friction or dry sweat.

If the pruritus symptoms are severe and have affected normal life, it is best to go to the dermatology department of the hospital in time.