Five ways to make your spouse perfect

“A harmonious relationship must be from the heart, without any concession or change.

“In this perspective, men and women think exactly the same.

If you think and do the same, you will slowly find that this does not work.

  All men thought, “I work hard all day to make money, and when I get home, I should take a good rest.

However, the woman felt, “If you want me to tell you that this is my birthday or anniversary, it will hurt me if you remember it.

The perfect lover in my heart is to fully understand me and fulfill all my needs.

“After helping countless couples save their seemingly irreversible relationship, family clinician Teveson has a different view:” You must work together to solve problems, and help each other from time to time. ”

He sees this as the most important new tenet in husband-wife relationships.

  We need new creeds because we all yearn for a new marriage relationship.

Our elders may satisfy a friend-like marriage, but what we crave is a lifetime lover.

Unfortunately, neither man nor woman has the skills to run a 21st century marriage relationship.

  How can you make your love lasting and green? In the New Rules of Marriage, Teveson has identified five successful strategies.

  Pursue what you want: Before saying your needs to the other person, ask yourself “What is what I really want now?

“Rejection also requires skill: never reject what your husband gives you, you become negative and become positive.

Teveson once said that “every repetition is actually a request”, “it is best to reduce your complaints and change to a request.”

It’s like “The way you talk to me makes me a headache!

It can be said as “I really like being polite to you.

“Listen and encourage each other often: Men and women feel that each other is not listening carefully.

Men often feel they are not appreciated, they need your listening, and from time to time encourage them to work hard and praise them for their outstanding performance.

  Give the other party autonomy: People are annoyed when they are helpless. If you feel that your life is in anger, it may be because you are trying to control the other party but the other party is not cooperative.

The best way to reduce mutual resentment is to not control each other.

  Cherish what you have: Know how to cherish the person in front of you, remember that you are talking to the person you love, if you forget because you were too angry and sad at the time, at least it must be carved that he is the person who lives with you.