[How to fry horse meat]_How to fry_How to fry

Because horse meat is not a common ingredient on the table, many people feel helpless when facing horse meat.

However, horse meat also contains a large amount of meat protein. Eating horse meat can also help to supplement the body’s nutrition, so for ordinary people, you can also buy some horse meat to eat at home.

If you ca n’t make horse meat, take a look at how to make horse meat.

Ingredients: horse meat, 500 grams of pepper, 2 accessories, ginger, 1 piece of garlic, 3 grains, wine, oil, salt, oyster sauce, step 1.

Wash horse meat clean 2.

Cut into thin slices and marinate in ginger, cooking wine and oyster sauce 3.

Prepare two peppers 4.

Deseed the pepper and cut into small pieces 5.

Put oil in a pan and pour in minced garlic 6

Add the cured horse meat 7.

Add the chili 8 after the horse meat is cooked.

After seasoning, fill the dish with braised horse meat at any time. Ingredients: horse meat, sugar, oil, shallots, ginger slices, refined salt, star anise, cinnamon.

Method: Cut the horse meat into mahjong-sized cubes, put it in the pot and cook for 15 minutes, then take out the meat, rinse the tray with cold water and set aside.

Wash the pot on low heat, put some base oil in the pot, then add 20 grams of caster sugar to the oil, and stir quickly with a spoon.

After the saccharification turns red and bubbling, add 50 grams of water, stir well and put the juice in a bowl for later use.

Put 100 grams of oil in the pan and let the oil burn to 80% heat. Pour in horse meat.

At the same time, scale up 50 grams of spring onions and 30 grams of ginger slices and stir-fry with horse meat.

After one minute, the juice was dripped into the pot in portions and stained.

When the horse meat pieces turn golden, add water to the horse meat pieces.

Then add an appropriate amount of refined salt and brown sugar, brown sugar should not be too much, a little sweet.

Finally add 5 anise stars, a section of cinnamon, and cook over low heat.

When the meat pieces are softened, a plate of fragrant braised horse meat is done.

1, some people can not eat horse meat pregnant women, people with diabetes, scabies do not eat.

2. Horse meat is suitable for everyone with insufficient blood and blood, malnutrition, and soft waist and legs; suitable for long-term consumption; suitable for arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease and hypertension patients.

3, horse meat consumption taboo horse meat each person replacement amount of about 100 grams is the best.

When eating horse meat, pay attention not to eat with pork, ginger, cocklebur, and the three substitute foods that are not taboo.