Nearly 60% of Internet users are sub-healthy

In 2010, the World Health Organization Shanghai Health Education and Health Promotion Cooperative Center and Sohu Health Channel conducted a 100,000-person survey on the sub-health status of netizens. The survey showed that nearly 60% of netizens in severe sub-health status, while those in moderate sub-health status,Netizens are also close to 30%, and the proportion of genuine healthy people in the true sense is extremely low (less than 3%), especially young adults aged 30 to 50 who have become sub-healthy outbreaks. This group of people is often an important part of society, The backbone of the company, the backbone of the family!

  The survey found that in addition to factors such as fierce competition in the society, heavy pressure of life, long-term high-intensity work and overtime, continuous exposure to the Internet, excessive entertainment, diet, irregular schedules, lack of exercise, and mental depression can cause fatigue., Insomnia, depression, psychological disorders, metabolic disorders, these are all important factors that trigger the sub-health state of elites in all walks of life.

Among them, among the survey participants, three meals could not be nutritionally matched, and more than 70% of those who consumed enough vegetables and fruits.

Unbalanced deposits have become one of the important reasons for sub-health.

  The sub-health index survey report released by the Internet users was jointly implemented and released by the World Health Organization Shanghai Health Education and Health Promotion Cooperation Center and Sohu Health Channel.

The survey is mainly completed through the Internet sub-health survey questionnaire. A total of more than 100,000 personal health questionnaire samples were collected, which were launched from several perspectives, such as gender, age, work status, and living habits. The survey focused on the health and scale of life of netizens.

More analysis results will be reported one after another.

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  Although most people are fully aware that their bodies are in a sub-health state and can objectively analyze the causes of sub-health conditions, a very small number of people actually know and practice them.

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