Chips that make women happy

Continually giving for petting, but getting poison.

When my heart relaxes, good luck will appear one after another. Not long ago, I had lunch with a dozen friends to discuss things. A lady frequently offered food to others and said that she wanted to eat a dish, but she was embarrassed to eat it first, soFirst clip it to others, then clip it to yourself without remorse.

  After listening to her talk, we all laughed and learned that she frequently chopped vegetables for others, and “Eat!”

Please eat it!

“the sound of.

  This is a joke, so it looks a little funny, but what if you really secretly have such a philosophy of life?

That will make you have a kind of life?

  Change in heart drives change in fate. I remember that a few months ago, when my visitor L came to me, he sighed and said, “Somehow,” some good things fell on me.

  Talk about these good things?

I ask her.

  She said that at first there was a dispute in the business involving millions of RMB. If it had been before, she would secretly expect that the money would not be returned, but this time, she had forgotten to think so, and as a result, finallyThe money was relatively easy to get back.

  Also, she bought the house and was satisfied with the house she saw. However, the intermediary said that the landlord may have some troubles, and there may be trouble if the property certificate is obtained, but in the end everything went smoothly and the house was bought smoothly.The property certificate was also obtained unexpectedly soon, and the furniture and accessories left by the landlord were almost all she wanted, and everything felt good.

  Furthermore, the child was going to study, and her household registration was a little troublesome. She had to go to the entrance qualification of a nearby elementary school, which was a little difficult, but in the end it went smoothly.

  ”Perhaps, these things don’t seem to others,” she said. “But to me, it feels like falling from the sky. I didn’t expect it to drop so much one after another.

“When she said these things, my heart was filled with joy and feelings of sourness, and the” act “in her first sentence was still deeply in my memory, so I asked her whyThe word “actually” was used initially.

  She replied, you do n’t know, I have had a habit since I was a child. Whenever I expect something good to happen to me, I will first say that it is impossible, it is impossible . The reason for this is because she has aSuperstition: If her expectations are good, then things must be bad. If she is desperate, good things may fall on her head instead.

  Later, after exploring, she found that this superstition is a condensed of her childhood life. She has a younger brother, and her parents are very patriarchal. If there is a conflict between her and her brother’s interests, then her younger brother must be satisfied, and she is bound toWill be disappointed.

If she took the initiative to fight with her brother, that is, she had a strong expectation first, then this kind of expectation with a meaning of contention, once discovered by her parents, she would not only be disappointed, but would be punished by her parents. Sometimes her father would be very severe.Punish her violently and even drive her out of the house.

  Conversely, if she gives up the fight with her brother from the beginning, occasionally her parents will meet some of her needs.

  This childhood life pattern finally condensed into her philosophy of life: strong expectations, will definitely be disappointed, and even punished; give up the contention completely, but will occasionally be satisfied.

  Destiny is the outward manifestation of her heart. Because she has such a heart, she has a corresponding destiny.

In her life in her thirties, let alone things that fall from the sky, in fact, there is a slight conflict with the interests of others, and she will realize that her interests cannot be defended, and this has always been the case.

  It was not until recently that her fate was changed, and the key to achieving this was naturally that her heart had changed first.

  At first, the deformed sister-brother relationship L who came over boys and girls came to me because of the child’s confusion, but when the consultation started, she found that the emotions and feelings flowing out of her heart were all about the parents and the younger brother.

  She studied in Guangzhou, worked in Guangzhou after graduation, and now has her own business. She bought a car and a house and looked fine, but she was tired. The apparent reason was that her brother and her parents lived with her, andBrother and she also do business together.

  The reason why this is superficial is because the deep cause that makes her feel tired is a reluctance. She found that although she is mainly raising a family, no matter how hard she tries, parents care about her brother and her familyBetter than her family, which made her uneasy.

She was accustomed to her parents admitting that her brother was better than her, but when she found out that her parents admit that her brother’s child was better than her child, she felt broken.

  In fact, not only was she dissatisfied with the way the family lived together, but her brother also didn’t enjoy it.

He also has many habits that make her unhappy, such as delays in work, carelessness and inattention.

When she tried to look at her brother from her brother’s point of view, she understood that her brother felt owed to her, which made him unable to look up.