Do you use skin care products? Incorrect use may hurt your skin

Beauty is a woman’s nature, and many women’s lives are inseparable from skin care products. These are used every day to make them have fair and delicate skin.

However, if you do not use skin care products correctly, you may develop wrong skin care habits, which will damage personal skin health.

So how to skin care correctly?

I remind everyone to pay attention to the following wrong use of skin care products!

  1. Apply the facial cleanser directly on the face and rub it. There are many eyebrows. When washing your face, you will directly apply the facial cleanser on the face and rub it. You know, the facial cleanser that has not been soaked in water will stick to the skin tightly.On the surface, not only can it not achieve the effect of cleaning the dirt on the skin surface, but it will damage the sebum film.

The correct way to use the cleanser is to first add some cleansing water and rub the foam, and then knead it together. This will clean it more gently. When you wash your face, you can wash the T area first, then other parts, and finallyWash off with warm water.

  2. Puffs are never cleaned. The eyebrows who often make-up use puffs every day. Puffs are used with powder compacts, and whether the puffs are clean or not will definitely make your skin susceptible to allergies.

You know, unclean and unhygienic makeup appliances are more likely to irritate the skin than cosmetics.

When using a puff, the oil from the shell is easily sucked away by the puff. At this time, the puff filled with grease will contact the air, and gradually contain bacteria and dirt. Frequent use of a dirty puff with bacteria will make the skinThe texture becomes increasingly fragile and acne gradually develops.

Therefore, the puff should be cleaned regularly, it is best to clean it once a week, and wash it with a special mild soap. After washing, the water on the puff can be filtered and sucked off, and then placed in a dry place.

  3. Use the essence on dry and itchy skin. Do you also have a misunderstanding of care, that is, when the skin is dry and itchy, pick up the essence and apply it on the face?

Essence is not a panacea. For dry and itchy skin, more viscous skin care products like essence, it will cause a burden on the skin, and it cannot be used when the skin is itchy.

Generally, itchy skin is prone to dryness and it is mostly sensitive. Too much sticky essence can easily irritate sensitive skin and not be easily absorbed by the skin.

It is recommended that the eyebrows can apply a moisturizing lotion or cream when the skin is dry and itchy to relieve dryness. Avoid using essences to avoid worsening skin.

  4. Replace skincare products when your skin is sensitive. Some cuties have very delicate skin, and you should change skincare products in time if there is a sensitive phenomenon. In fact, this is wrong.

When changing skin care products, it will bring more damage to the skin.

Therefore, when the skin is more sensitive, do not change the skin care products at once, you can first try to stop the irritating skin care products, such as toner containing alcohol content or lotion containing fruit acid content, and stop using it.

Unless afterwards, if the skin improves, there is no need to change skin care products in bulk.

Do not change the brand of skin care products often, this will make the skin’s adaptability worse.

  Some people are serious about skin care every day, but they find that the skin problem is getting worse and worse. This may be the wrong skin care method, which is equivalent to slowly hurting the skin, so don’t underestimate the use of skin care products.

Usually you should develop the correct skin care method, choose the skin care product that suits you, ensure extra sleep at night, and avoid staying up late!