[How to make Liangpi simple]_How to do_How to do

In summer, the food is Liangpi, because Liangpi has a smooth texture, coupled with vinegar and pepper, it is very suitable to eat in summer.

Liangpi is made from clear flour and flour. It is divided into two methods: quick method and traditional method.

Mix the cold noodles with cucumber, garlic, chili oil, and cooked white sesame as ingredients.

Below, I will introduce the method of homemade Liangpi.

First, the method of quickly making Liangpi Ingredients: 15
0 grams of clear powder, 15 grams of flour Seasoning: 1 cucumber, 5 cloves of garlic, pepper oil, sesame oil, pepper oil, cooked white sesame, vinegar, salt.

Practice: 1.

Pour 150 grams of clear powder into a basin.


Add 15 grams of flour into it, add a little flour conversion to make the cold skin tough, more vigorous.


Add water and stir with chopsticks.


Stir into a particularly thin batter.


Just use a spoon to hold it in a flowing shape. The thinner the batter, the easier it is to make cold skin.


Take a clean dish and pour a spoonful of batter into a plate.


After pouring the batter, shake it carefully to spread the batter evenly on the bottom of the plate.


Put the water in the pot, boil the fire, put the batter in the pot, and steam for 2 minutes on the high heat to form.


After the cold skin is formed, take it out and let it cool in cold water for 30 seconds.

You can take two dishes in turn, take one out and let it cool in water, then add the next one to the pot.


The cooled noodles can be peeled off easily.


Brush the surface of the Liangpi with a layer of sesame oil and add it to the dish in turn, brushing between each layer so as not to stick together.


Finish all the Liangpi in order, and cut the finished Liangpi into strips.


Shred the cucumber, mince the garlic cloves, and put together the chopped cold skin.


Add the right amount of chili oil.

Add pepper oil.


Sprinkle some cooked white sesame seeds.

Pour in an appropriate amount of vinegar.

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Season with some salt and mix well.

Second, the traditional Liangpi method: The traditional Liangpi method takes a long time, but can wash out gluten, and gluten is also delicious.
The traditional method of Liangpi is mainly to wash your face. You can make cool and refreshing Liangpi by mastering the skills of washing your face.

It may seem a bit difficult, but it’s not difficult at all.

Ingredients: 150 grams of flour Seasoning: oil, salt, peanut butter, cucumber Method: 1, water and noodles are ready.

2. And into the dough.

3, let stand in the pot for half an hour.

4. Add an appropriate amount of water to the basin without passing the dough.

5. Wash your face with rubbing.

6, wash thick and pour into another pot, and then replaced with clear water.

7. Add water to wash, repeat the water three or four times to become clear, and pour the washed face water together.

8. Leave it overnight for 24 hours. 9. Wash out the gluten and steam it for 20 minutes.

10. After the gluten is steamed, let it cool and cut into strips.

At 11, 24 hours, the clear water will be poured out of the water.

12, find a bigger pot, add an appropriate amount of water inside, the water boil.

13. Find a round flat-bottomed iron plate and brush it with oil.

14. Pour in a spoonful of noodle water, just like the omelettes, thinner and shake well.

15, add to the hot water pot, float on it, put it on for a while, the water becomes transparent, and you can put it away when you see bubbles.

16, take out Liangpi, brush a layer of sesame oil to prevent sticking to the next sheet.

17, cut the Liangpi into long strips after making it; 18, and season the gluten strips, cucumber shreds, peanut butter, vinegar, salt and other spices.

Third, successfully make Liangpi 5 points: 1.

Adding alkaline flour to the clear powder improves the coldness of the noodles, and the cold noodles made from the clear powder are too hard.


The batter is adjusted to a flowing state, the thinner the easier it is to succeed, and the cold skin made too thick is fragile.


Pour the batter evenly into a saucer and steam in the pot for 2 minutes on high heat to form.

If you have a large stainless steel tray at home, you can also pour the paste evenly in the tray and steam it directly.


The steamed noodles can be easily removed by letting them cool in the water for half a minute.


When peeling off the cold skin, put on the surface of the cold skin to oil to prevent adhesion.