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Pregnant women should pay more attention to their bodies after pregnancy. In addition to work and rest, they should also pay attention to their diet. Many foods are not suitable for pregnant women. Salad dressing is loved by people in daily diet. Salad dressing can make delicious fruit salad.Or as a condiment, but pregnant women should be careful.

Pregnant women eat salad dressings with caution.

Reasons for pregnant women to eat salad dressing cautiously: expectant mothers will increase their vitamin demand during pregnancy. At this time, eating more fruits can supplement vitamins well. Making fruit salad is a good choice, but it is recommended that pregnant mothers do not add too muchSalad dressing.
Many salad dressings on the market will have food additives such as artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, etc.

Although these additives have little effect on healthy adults, overeating by pregnant women can adversely affect developing fatty acids.

Severe will cause severe deformities.

The content of salad dressing is still very high. Expectant mothers eat too much and gain weight too fast, which not only deforms the pregnant woman’s figure, changes the size of the baby, but also easily causes dystocia.

The correct way for pregnant women to eat salad dressings: There are many types of salad dressings, and some salad dressings cannot be eaten by pregnant women.

Such as blue cheese salad dressing, pregnant women will be more likely to be infected with Listeria, and Listeria will damage the oxides.

In addition, there is Caesar salad dressing. Caesar salad dressing is generally prepared raw or undercooked eggs. These eggs are easy for pregnant women to cause Listeria or other pathogens. In short, for pregnant womenNot safe.

For mothers who want to eat salad dressing, they can consult a doctor or other person, and then eat it after they are sure they are safe.

Pregnant women can eat more of these fruits lemon lemon can be described as the vitamin C king of fruits. Although slightly sour, the vitamin C content of lemon is unmatched by other fruits. Proper use of lemon during pregnancy can prevent morning sickness and bring moreExpectant mothers relax.

Cherries Cherry is the ideal fruit for pregnant women.

The content of iron in cherries is very rich. Consuming about 12 cherries a day can effectively increase the absorption of iron, prevent iron deficiency anemia in expectant mothers, and is more beneficial to brain health.