Do n’t be superstitious, thick soup can be supplemented, it ‘s just a condiment

“Boil the water, throw the thick soup soup in, add some noodles or vegetables, and a bowl of delicious and nutritious noodles is just fine.

Ms. Zhang is a mother of a 12-year-old child. Because of her working hours, she has no time to cook three meals a day for her daughter. Since listening to this cooking secret introduced by her colleagues, she has to let her daughter use thick soup when she has no time to cook.Cook bowl noodles with vegetables.

Ms. Zhang felt that her daughter had staple food, vegetables and soup in this bowl of noodles, and her nutrition should be comprehensive.

In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Nutrition professionals told reporters that thick soup is just a condiment. Occasionally, it can be eaten in small quantities, but eating a large amount may cause salt to exceed the standard, and you ca n’t rely on it to supplement nutrition.

  Concentrated soup is just a condiment Zhao Yongyi, chief nutritionist of the Department of Nutrition, the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangdong Pharmaceutical University said that concentrated soup is a condiment, and its main ingredients are nothing more than flavor enhancers (such as sodium glutamate, etc., which are the main ingredients of MSGIngredients, thickeners (sour soup conditioners and preservatives, etc.).

For people over two years of age, it is not harmful to humans if they consume a small amount of food. On the contrary, it may also increase appetite.

  Zhao Yongyi explained that this means that Tangtangbao can be eaten as a seasoning, but it must not be relied on to provide nutrition for the elderly and children. The nutritional components and some animal proteins are very small.

Relying on Tangtangbao to supplement nutrition for children and the elderly for a long time may cause nutritional imbalance and even lack for the elderly and children.

Taking boiled noodles with thick soup as an example, she suggested that Ms. Zhang put eggs in addition to noodles and vegetables in the water, and prepare a small fruit for the child after the meal so that the child’s nutrition is basically balanced.

  When the soup is drinking carefully, the salt exceeds the standard. Zhao Yongyi also recommends that after cooking with condiments such as thick soup, only eat the dishes and noodles. Do not drink the soup because it contains a lot of food additives.The salinity is also relatively high.

Especially for people with hypertension, kidney disease and other people who need to control salt, it is not recommended to drink such soup. The amount of salt in a bag for one day may exceed the standard.

  In addition, families with children try to use less MSG, chicken essence, thick soup and other condiments when cooking. As long as the ingredients are relatively fresh and a little salt is added during cooking, the taste will be delicious.

In this way, children will be familiar with the taste of natural foods from an early age, and will not rely too much on condiments, the taste is relatively light, and good eating habits will benefit children for life.