Clever use of surplus beer

Beer is a favorite beverage for everyone. Whether it is cold or at room temperature, it quenches thirst and refreshes.

But sometimes you buy too much beer and do n’t finish it, which is difficult to handle.

It ‘s a pity to throw it away, but if the beer is left for a few days, it wo n’t taste good and it ‘s not hygienic. What should I do?

In fact, we still have many uses for the remaining beer.

  Residual beer use one: Watering flowers Many families will have leftover beer after meals, and most of them are discarded, which can be described as waste utilization for flower cultivation.

Because beer itself is slightly acidic, using it to water flowers can adjust the pH of the soil, which is very beneficial for those flowers that like acid.

  The remaining beer use two: scrub leaves and gently scrub the leaves of the flowers with the remaining beer liquid. One can wipe off the dust on the leaves, which is beneficial to the photosynthesis of the plants, and the other is the fertilization of the leavesFor example, the leaves of plants with large leaves such as Clivia, Monstera, etc. will be very shiny after scrubbing, which will increase the ornamental value.

  The remaining beer uses three: clothing color beer is not only the magical use of these, we all know that blue, black and other dark clothing, wash more easily fade, and look ugly.

In fact, if we add some beer when we wash clothes, soak the clothes for 15 minutes and wash them, it will not only pile up and become softer, but also restore some of the easy-fading dark cotton clothing to the original color.

  If you are new to buying dark cotton clothes, you can also wash them with beer and water first, and then dry them. It will not fade easily after washing.

  In addition, if the beer is mixed with water in an appropriate amount to wash the hair, the hair becomes smooth and shiny, and a certain hair care effect can be achieved.