9 massage methods to prevent colds

Rub your palms to take a sitting or standing position, rub your palms relatively quickly and rub them until you get fever.

Rubbing your hands like this often promotes blood circulation and metabolism, and prevents colds.

  Click on Yingxiang Acupoint to wipe the nose with both fingers for dozens of times.

Then use the tip of your middle finger to point to Xiangxiang, the depression on both sides of the nose.

First hold the Yingxiang acupoint hard to make it feel sour, then slowly rub the acupoint dozens of times.

After the point, there is a feeling of smooth ventilation of the nose.

  Rub Dazhui.

The acupuncture point is in the middle of the back of the neck, and the lower edge of a stretched bone is straight, that is, the lower edge of the seventh cervical spinous process.

Knead 100 after bearing it hard?
200 times.

In the process of pressing and kneading, two hands can be used to knead alternately.

  Press Zusanli acupoint with one hand, middle two fingers, and firmly press the same side Zusanli acupoint.

There is a built-in bone called the fibula head at the upper end of the outer side of the calf. At the top and bottom of the bone, about three fingers wide is the Zusanli point.

First, firmly hold the acupoint to make it have a heavier soreness, and then slowly rub it with your fingers dozens of times.

Then rub the Zusanli acupoint on the other side with the other hand.

  Point rubbing Fengchi Acupoint Use two fingers to hold Fengchi Acupoint, other fingers can hold the middle finger to help.

The Fengchi acupoint is at the lower edge of the occipital bone behind the neck, a recess about two fingers wide from the back of the ear.

First, firmly hold the Fengchi acupoint to make it feel a heavier soreness, and then rub it with your fingers dozens of times.

  Take the shoulder well with the knee of one hand, the forefinger, the middle three fingers, the thumb in front, the forefinger, the middle finger behind, and hold the shoulder well.

The shoulder well point is in the middle of the neck to the shoulder, where the muscle is richer.

Take the shoulder well, it is very sore, you can lift it several times.

Take the opposite shoulder shoulder points with both hands.

  Rub the neck with both palms to wipe the limbs, mainly with the palms of your fingers. Rub backwards faster, rub forward slowly and harder, rub back and forth dozens of times, causing the skin to stop heating.

  Wipe the face With the palms of your hands, wipe the face, rub it up and down, and then rotate it, dozens of times each, until the face becomes hot.

  Finally, pat the chest and back with two hands, one after the other, and pat the chest adjacently dozens of times.