Don’t make these mistakes in running fitness

Many people think that running is the easiest action. In fact, if you don’t pay attention to the details, running often will hurt you.

The following editors take you through the five most common mistakes made by running.

  First, buy the wrong shoes. Everyone’s feet are different. To choose the shoes that suit you, you should go to a running shoe store and buy the shoes that suit your feet under the guidance of professionals. Unsuitable shoes often make your legsInjured.

  Second, running is too heavy and too fast. Running consists of a lot of hard hits on the floor. Therefore, you must start with a slow pace, gradually exert strength, and gradually improve.

Being too heavy and too fast at the beginning can often cause soreness and injuries.

  Third, if you do more than your physical fitness, do you think that other people’s training programs are also suitable for you, actually it is not.

You have to face up to your situation to exercise, such as jogging to start and end again, only to build a foundation can gradually increase the content of exercise.

  Fourth, pay too much attention to the running posture and don’t worry about how you look when you run, just run out.

Some people point out that you should pay attention to the correct posture. For example, if you forcefully change your running posture, it will make your running posture unnatural.

  Fifth, become the “slaves” of watches Many people often pay attention to factors such as time, distance and speed, but fitness experts said that do not wear watches when running.

Make running a pleasure. If you keep looking at your watch and remembering your enjoyment, you may overwork and exhaust your body.

  The above are some of the five most common mistakes made by fitness experts when running. I hope that the running fitness can achieve a certain guidance, so that more scientific exercise methods help physical strength.