There are three major liver damage warning, you have to see how many?(1)

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  Is the largest organ in the gut, we call it a "human factory", which is an important organ of metabolism, liver also plays to oxidation inside the body, the role of glycogen storage, synthesis and secretion of the protein, etc.。
The liver is the body regulate blood, metabolism center, and modern unhealthy lifestyle caused a high incidence of liver disease, let's take a look at the liver, "SOS," the three major signs, and how it Liver Health!  Description black body at 3 1 bad liver, nose blackheads become more "strawberry nose" also has a relationship with you?Yes, if you have a nose blackheads become more signs, we should pay attention to the health of the liver under。
When the human liver function decline, luteinizing hormone can not be destroyed out normal, it can not be adjusted over hormones, thus contributing to the secretion of sebum, so that more and more blackheads on nose。
  2, his face black bleak in Chinese medicine, "color consultation" is a very interesting science, "color consultation" is the color of the face, determine the health of internal organs。If the ruddy, bright, shiny, indicating a good color, physical health is better, if pale green and black, indicating poor condition。Liver can react people's emotions, "angry face green" and "blue veins burst," said is the truth。
  From the Western point of view, if problems arise, the ability to make estrogen inactivation, and cause pigment metabolism, leading to accumulation of pigment in the skin, the resulting face black, bleak。Clinically, most patients with liver cirrhosis, and his face as the disease worsens will be increasingly bleak。  3, nails black streaks Chinese medicine, the liver reinforcement, while the nail is part of the "bar", if the accumulation of toxins, usually have clear signal on the nail。
If the nail surface is smooth, shiny red color, indicating healthy, if brown streaks on the nail, or intermediate black white edge, uneven and other conditions, there is a problem then the liver, liver failure catharsis performance, this time better go to the hospital to do the relevant checks。
  How Liver Health?  1, avoid staying up late staying up late to hurt the liver, often stays up late easily lead to lack of sleep, increased fatigue, lack of blood flow in order to make the impact of nourishing liver cells, over time easily lead to abnormal liver function。1:00 -3 points every night the body should be in sleeping state, because this hour is the best time nourishing blood, so we try not to stay up late, to ensure eight hours of sleep every day, on time to sleep before 11 o'clock every night。
  2, long-term drinking less alcohol or prone to cause liver damage heavy drinking, because alcohol can poison the liver cells directly affect the structure and function。In real life does have a lot of people because of excessive drinking cause liver damage, suffering from alcoholic liver disease, fatty liver and other diseases。  3, food conditioning unbalanced diet will increase the burden, want to prevent liver disease, liver function have to eat foods such as bananas, oranges, oranges, etc., pay attention to food hygiene, do not drink unboiled water, do not eat raw seafood, clams because, oyster and shellfish and other susceptible to a hepatitis virus infection。

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