United States a passenger train derailed in Georgia road no injuries

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  Houston January 4 Xinhua news: the United States by way of a passenger train derailed when Savannah (Savannah), Georgia。 Three derailed carriages total of 311 passengers, no injuries。
  Associated Press (AP) 4 news, the US National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak) spokesman Jason Abrams said the 3rd night, a car operated by the company called "popular silver train No. 98 "in Savannah, Georgia road derailment。
Section 3 carriages derailed, including two sleeper cars and a baggage car, all the rollover in the railway track。
Derailed carriages had 311 passengers, no one was injured。
Time of the incident, car train was traveling from Miami to New York directions。   A few hours after the incident, the train was about 10:03 the night slowly drove back Savannah Station。
After that, the train was not damaged carriages carrying the most passengers traveling to the direction of New York, part of the sleeper passengers transfer to other trains to the north。   Savannah, Georgia and other areas in the southeastern United States suddenly snow 3。
US National Weather Service said it was Savannah's first significant snowfall since February 2010。
3, the average depth of the snow inches。

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