What is newborn?What are the symptoms of newborn

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What is it newborn southerners few people had heard of scleroderma the disease, it is because the symptoms, mainly in the north, especially in winter born preterm children, or a number of low-weight babies are also susceptible to the this disease。 Newborn generally warm and good about。
Then newborn What are the symptoms of it the following together knowledge。 What is newborn newborn newborns because of the cold injury, infection or a syndrome caused by premature birth, which is the most common cold injury, cold injury syndrome is called, mainly in children hardened fat and subcutaneous edema。 Higher newborn occurs in the cold season, severe infection, asphyxia, premature birth and low birth weight child morbidity。
Severe hypothermia, can also be secondary to scleroderma neonatal pulmonary hemorrhage, shock and multiple organ failure caused by the serious consequences of neonatal death。 Symptoms newborn newborn's symptoms usually occurs after birth 7?10 days, neonatal temperature does not rise, typically below 35 ℃, children with severe temperature lower than 30 ℃, core body temperature (rectal temperature) may be lower than body temperature (axillary temperature), and the skin of newborn there will be hard subcutaneous tissue swelling, skin color will pale red or dark red, serious neonatal patients with poor circulation can be in pale gray or purple。
Hard swelling symptoms will first appear in the lower extremities, buttocks, cheeks and lower abdomen, upper limb and then to the whole body。 Sometimes only hard not swollen, the skin color pale, like rubber, more limited, affecting only the thighs and buttocks, this situation often occurs in infectious disease caused by scleroderma。 Scleroderma may occur in children with severe shock, pulmonary hemorrhage, and disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) symptoms。 Diagnosis Diagnosis of newborn newborn to rely on history and clinical and laboratory findings newborns, the diagnosis of mild, moderate and severe three criteria。 Mild: scleredema range less than 30% of newborns, generally somewhat less systemic neonatal temperature greater than 34 ℃, no shock, pulmonary hemorrhage, and disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) symptoms。
Moderate: hard swollen range of newborn to 30%?50% of poor systemic general, the newborn's body temperature at 34 ℃?30 ℃, some children may appear slight shock, pulmonary hemorrhage, and disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) symptoms。
Severe: Newborn scleredema range greater than 50%, the body generally poor, when the temperature is less than the newborn 30 ℃, newborns shock, pulmonary hemorrhage, and disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) symptoms。

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