The winter noon to eat what to eat for dinner what winter

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The winter noon to eat what the winter weather is very cold, some people say go out in a garbage can feel a trip to the North Pole, left the bed is displaced, then what is the winter eat together at noon and small series to see winter What noon the introduction eat it!What to eat in the winter at noon to eat vegetables, not drowsy afternoon。 Lunch consisting of protein and vegetables, such as fresh fish, chicken, seafood, contains a lot of tyrosine, keeping the brain sharp thinking, memory and alertness play a decisive role; and high fiber green vegetables, such as carrots, spinach and so on, to ensure that brain cells get enough oxygen, people throughout the afternoon full of energy。 In terms of staple food, the best choice for green beans with rice or whole wheat bread。
In addition, a high starch content, better not to eat lunch, eat at night to help sleep。
Afternoon to a dessert, but also can be refreshing。 When people fatigue sleepy occasion, drink a cup of sugar, you can quickly restore energy, eliminate sleepy, so that the spirit cheer up。
Every afternoon there is a time when people most likely to sleep, but eat desserts as other not only refreshing, but also improve efficiency。 The following are suitable for some food and recipes。 1, high yuba yuba and other soy products can not be replaced, especially for lunch to eat。
Because it can add enough energy for the body to be brought against a morning of work fatigue。 What to eat the noon and winter vegetable fats contained in the dried bean has a good role in promoting kept moist and flexibility, especially for the winter, when dry edible。 Yuba better if eaten together with celery。
Because celery is rich in dietary fiber content, both with food can promote digestion of food, and rushed to the effectiveness of the prevention of colon cancer。
Parsley mixed with yuba materials: celery, yuba, fungus。
Salt, chicken, sesame oil,。

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