at home, you have not thought about, if we anything about the situation, not even the corpses of people do not?”

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  In fact, if it is just a good honest Pei Naochun his seven years of wandering that on the outside of bitterness, anger Pei Grandma will be more, but when the mother is the way to see his son all had such a way, she can How to do it?
  ”I, I is not leavin ‘.”Pei Naochun commitment.
  ”You want to go?”Pei Grandma stared, hanger heavy knock in the broken wooden table, loud noise,” certainly can not go, you obediently stay at home, make good money, but also spend time with a fly.”
  Then two of the eyes will also be transferred Pei Yifei that, from the beginning, he has maintained a posture that grab the book, look cool, only that too hard, grasp the pages are wrinkled up fingers, only to people saw in his mind’s towering waves.
  But even with both eyes locked firmly with him, 广州桑拿网he did not say anything, just looked at this silence.
  Pei grandmother was extremely disappointed, disappointed that this is not directed at the grandsons, but this useless against his son, and she especially can understand Pei Yifei feelings, you know this child, this father are gone for seven years , not to mention my father cry, I am afraid to recognize not recognize Come.
  ”Starting today, you’re good at?City alone!I ask people to help you tomorrow, looking to introduce you to arrange a job, regardless of the level of wages, we went to definitive answers, always earn a little money.”Pei Grandma earnestly together, for fear of their own son has gone, ‘How can this world everyone is making a fortune and fame?If you like this, half of the country’s people to jump into the sea!You just go out and see, many of the people is no money, peop北京夜生活网le say, let them say go for nothing is not a shame, shame unpromising also look down on themselves before!”
  ”Mom, I know.”Pei Naochun immediately answer, he was sitting upright, from time to time to look at the Pei Yifei behind in a daze,” I have done at

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hole, she can not make a call father forced grandchildren, let the two of them and a good thing, she knew Pei Yifei heart is uncomfortable.

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the site, the factory also been to many, when I went to work, always make money of.”

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