cise, eat itself is relatively pain, Pei grandmother after all on the point of age, also could not , reluctant to make a great effort, he does not feel pain, can perhaps be left over from the original body of mischief mood, as whip Pei grandmother, hearts strong sense of intractable pain and北京体验网 a lot of guilt Dodge.

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  ”Do you know how old I am your mother yet?I now have some 50 of!I’m still working, I owe you this life is a right?Offer to get anything?People say let go, he said, can not make money in this world so many people, the less you a right?”Pei Grandma voice was dumb,” You see, to live in it, all of them are ordinary people, work in the factory yard, a month will not make much money, so what?You do not also alive and well, together happily do a?How to you suppressed, people can not do?”
  Playing in the son, the pain in her heart: “I am too small you have to keep the wind in its sails, come across a little thing, you can not accept!We rely on their own hands to make money, why should not lift head?Why ah?I even went to picking up trash, even eat garbage, I do not feel ashamed!”Although she later adulthood, he has been working at the factory, it can be a child, is had it tough, but also met the chaotic years, when people are not even Tiandu Zi is immune, not to mention time picking up trash, that is surreptitiously eat tree are a lot of skin, dug grass.
  ”Mom, I was wrong.”Pei Naochun raised his head to look straight Pei杭州夜生活 Grandma, and the original body of memory compared to a lot of old Pei grandmother, her son and daughter after another met both laid off, divorced daughter choose to leave, son abandoned his family, struggled rest of my life the factory recovery house and other large and small ways, if there isGrandson, she had barely, “I was wrong.”
  ”Now you do not have to say what?”Pei Grandma has long been reluctant to call back, clutching her high racks, but no longer falling,” breath, because this thing is, you run for seven years, your aging mother, son lost

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hole, she can not make a call father forced grandchildren, let the two of them and a good thing, she knew Pei Yifei heart is uncomfortable.

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the site, the factory also been to many, when I went to work, always make money of.”

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at home, you have not thought about, if we anything about the situation, not even the corpses of people do not?”

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