e that the photo should be out over several times and smooth, exposed on the outside of the corners have some curl up.

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  Pei Grandma looked at that picture, was silent for a long time, took a break to see what use the photo?I do not know how to go home?Teng then she stood up, his face flushed, she impatiently pacing up and down in the room, and soon found what she wanted to find, it is on the corner of wire hangers, wrapped in a blue top coat, drop a lot, clutching her red eyes hanger came over: “you say you want to go out to discuss the Offer, you are not to discuss?Ah, words will not say yet?”
  ”No.”Pei Naochun head down to answer.
  ”What do you go out?”Pei Grandma angry big breath, she picked up the hanger, heavily hit the son, she rarely hit son, last time playing, or son of a child, secretly wiping the gun point, almost to the factory cardboard lit He did not expect his son are so big, she had to do it all over.
  ”I.”He could not answer, the original body to the very simple, since people feel that he unpromising, he went to mix the personal kind gives a look, and leave苏州夜网 it, but also for the time being away from these baseless rumor, no one thought to leave easy, want to go home, but it is difficult, once out, like a drifting boat, encountered what can only carrying their own, original body also thought about home countless times, can be as long as wanted he took the money out, and finally what are not coming back, they did not dare to back, so he always told himself, and then for a year, chances are you can make money, then year after year.
  Pei grandmother holding a hanger, unceremoniously, and beat down a little, not too heavy nor light can be: “do not go out also out?Ah, you say, ah, you do not go out of the?”She grew more and more gas, grew more and more frustrated, holding a hanger played the momentum of a mighty force, meal casually slap down.
  Pei Naochun just sat there, quietly sufferin北京SPA会所g, do not flash does not avoid the fact that this way he began to exer

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