olition, as long as the pregnancy the effort, you will find the site to move bricks, cement move, how much can earn money, sure enough, the other did not lie to him, he soon found such a site, which but the big project, capable of a year or so, the site where well-paid, further food wrap packages to eat, although very hard, good people can foreman, Which should really difficult, but also ahead of an advance money, the site there was no shortage of live years with the foreman who, they say, and contractors very tricky, never ignorant of any money, the original body will also beaming at ease and went at it, just waiting for the end of the project got money home.

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  Dream is beautiful, the reality is skinny, the project, he did more than a full year, un广州桑拿网til the knot money, says top boss foreman ran away, he was not a penny to the workers a uproar, but also engage in what the pay talks petition, no money is money, even if workers in some even wait for them to hang, not a penny also discuss.
  Perhaps because he was “stupid” it, can step into the pit, he stepped in a circle, never mind the breath, not even earn some money, even if it occasionally save a little down, people have to eat and drink Lazard, or a in half a disease once born, they do these activities, are not to do social security health insurance, and not in the past anti-bite, it can only be nice to go to the hospital emptied his wallet.
  ”.I would have to go elsewhere to try again.”Pei Naochun head whispered, the sound is very low,” I took the money out, did so many years, finally have not come back with anythi杭州桑拿洗浴ng.”
  Pei Grandma’s hand trembling quietly: “Do you know how to back it?You do not also want to try it?”She uncomfortable bad.
  ”I.I want to go home to look at.”Pei Naochun bitter smile,” I went too long, do not know you are all right at home?”He hesitated wallet out of his pocket spread out, in a transparent sandwich, it was杭州桑拿洗浴 a family of four photos, only his wife’s position, had been cut off, we can se

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