invited him to meal, so after the original body will begin to dry up silly, ah, of course, everything is not so smooth naturally.

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  He did very difficult, can be hard enough, can always get started, tired of doing the original body, gradually the body a little uncomfortable, then please two days off, went to the doctor – then queue up quite rampant, if cattle would not be willing to give money, you have to honestly rafts for a long time – and so on back to the factory, he discovered that his salary directly cut half?Finance people who speak plausibly, this month he did not leave, leave two days is absent for two days, it would have to淡水桑拿网 deduct two days wages, in addition, there is a two hundred wages had perfect attendance money , since did not get perfect attendance, it did not, okay, he confessed, after careful, even if tired and never leave.Then the second month began a piece-rate assessment, have failed to be detected, deducting money late, deducting money, non-standard work, salary deduction, so buckle East West buckle, pocket money to him, there is only enough to eat and drink nothing.
  This is not the only unit of wages, is to pay a charge two, that dry three months to get a month’s wages, the original body was noticing stupid not to, he wanted to resign to leave, it was flung with contract his face, the other tilted his legs told him that he was under contract which also receives the units ‘training’, less than three years to go, it would have to put what train杭州桑拿ing costs, benefits returned, escorted wages He does not give up, the other holding a computer Pilipala meal count, meaning is very simple, you can want to go, that you did this for six months, not only did not earn, but also loss, and his body was put stumbled original, in turn obediently He returned t都市体验网o work, continue to dry up.
  Fifth year to sixth year, he finally succeeded resignation, no longer afraid to stay in the large city, he talked to listen to workers?City, I heard things like that in the dem

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