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  Shen Xiao bow took out a pack of cigarettes, taking on one point, the line of sight that still remain in the data.
  It is clearly written Shen Yu, from primary school to some of the college experience南宁桑拿, her performance has been among the best, due to be withdrawn, almost no friends.
  Du assistant did not know how the investigation, the investigation can actually be so detailed, even her classmates were excluded, bullied things, also set out more clearly understood, so he could glance.
  Never been to the girls dance classes, why can jump so professional dance moves?
  Obviously very depressed very low self-esteem personality, how suddenly cheerful up?
  Shen Shen Yu Xiao tried to find the original look dumb in my mind, but how can not remember, he now my mind, all occupied by lovely cheerful Shen Yu, completely forgotten her previous appearance.
  If forced to recall, then it is a big overweight figure, and her black head, as she very often, are head down, so he can see the most, that is, the top of her head.
  She in the end what is the time to change it?
  Shen Xiao smoking a cigarette, suddenly think of it, he had to drop off Shen Yu’s B & B, when she suddenly went to school outside renters, to annoy him, and he will bring people to the house smashed, also put words she dared to rent once he hit the first, and later, she was back home again, the two i北京风月会所nteract on more and more together.
  In other words, Shen Yu, from that time began to change.
  Then why is there such a change it??
  Like a body, there lived two completely different soul.
  Shen Xiao narrowed his eyes, wondering to think, is it.Dual personality?!!!
  It may be a dual personality, in the absence of learning, suddenly very skillfully to master a skill you??This dance skills, is to go through the exercise with the long period of accumulation, in order to reach it?
  Shen Xiao took a deep breath, according to the insider Du assistant, said: “Xiao-yu do not have to check, so far, I’ve had an idea.”

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