as long as the rise of these a grandmother to buy things the idea that he would oppose the fastest speed, to dispel her thoughts, you know, even a dollar, grandmother have to get that one stick a afternoon things because as a book of money, enough for the whole family busy for quite a while, read a book in the bookstore, the only drawback is to look less than new books, new books shipped, usually with a plastic package, Showcase on the head, only those shelves a few months, so twelve will open and read a book for people to read.

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  ”alright.”Pei Grandma in the heart with a sigh, she did not alwa深圳桑拿网ys feel good point to give life grandson too, it is her responsibility, C urban hospitals that hiring cleaning, only one day off a week night shifts every week, but have wage early two thousand, she pondered over, and so the junior high school after her grandson in the past, to the time at home will slowly off up.
  This carries forward, look on her face is also very good-looking only at the thought of her darn son, will not help but give birth to some lost, she always felt that he almost forgot his son’s face, only to faint about about the imagined, there several times, she also made a dream in which his son out of trouble on the outside, and then woke up in a cold sweat is.
  Renting doors are made of iron, rust will issue a camel crunching sound when switching, every household each year, will bring their own point of oil a class of上海419同城对对碰 things, and to lock the edge of the point, or even immune to close, Zusun Liang rice was scarcely heard outside that knock on the door, but loud and clear.
  ”I went to open.”Pei Yifei immediately got up, refused to allow more walking grandmother.
  ”This point, who will do?”Is how the old saying says, the rich 南宁桑拿论坛have distant relatives in the mountains, no one asked the poor in the downtown, Kurtis this Zusun Liang moved to this ever since, it has been largely cut off contact with those friends.On the one hand, the reality of the conditions in that, pe

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hole, she can not make a call father forced grandchildren, let the two of them and a good thing, she knew Pei Yifei heart is uncomfortable.

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the site, the factory also been to many, when I went to work, always make money of.”

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at home, you have not thought about, if we anything about the situation, not even the corpses of people do not?”

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