Pei Shushu it.

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  Building, the PEI grandmother sitting room, manually too fast, the head of the flower head adhesion, which she could receive earn more manual labor, and piecework, and a half cents, with glue and black flower head Tousheng sticky together on the line, even if she had some age, but also dries quickly.
  Recently time to time, she would think of that darn son, think of that letter in that sentence –
  ”Mom, wait for me breath, I will come back.”
  Get anything, darn it, do not know how to come back, I’m getting old.

Chapter 91 men wi深圳桑拿网th the cannon fodder unpromising father (four)?(six)
  For most busy people, always the day, day to day, can bat an eye, this day will be gone right, the kite school children, such as off-line freedom, exhausted adults, but also to go home during break.
  ”eat more.”Pei Grandma habitually open the radio, this is in fact not receive佛山桑拿 much channel, every afternoon this point, they have heard what the voice traffic, the right to pass the time when nothing,” long body age, to eat point, or not grow later.”Although the family no money, but she is very aware computing, grandson of food, tuition, it is sure to guarantee, even if no matter how tough, will also attend a lecture accompanied by point Hunxing.
  ”Ok.”Pei Yifei buried dinner, tomorrow or the day is Saturdays, he has good intention, I put the house in the plot of these waste products out to sell, or else touch his grandmother stole carry a person go, flashing back to that time Oh no.
  ”Do you want to buy a few books to see?”Pei Grandma’s favorite grandson know their own reading of the past, every weekend, Pei Yifei bookstore that rubs up against will, find a place to sit down and start reading, these d深圳桑拿网ays, quite popular to rent the book card or something like that, not a bookstore Some people hang on care, which also made Pei Yifei got the opportunity, like a block of sponge to absorb all sorts of knowledge.
  ”No, the house does not fit.”Pei Yifei answer quickly, every time

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