to the field, and later lost news.

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  Kurtis like this, in a local living in, how much you know most of the people around, I do not know when, why, rumors began to spread about the original body, someone jokingly said, the original body of man is useless, if not he is useless, how even his wife did not want him to go all?In the nineties?City, local customs quite rigorous, if it was dumped own wife’s, there will be a lot of people make fun of private, open some joke, not to say in that regard is not used, that is no ability to support their families, the fact that the people who multi lot of money, but the original body ashamed of his mind, to see who is like to hear that, then shame.
  Furthermore, those who did wrong, many laid-off workers, most of them gradually find a way out, only the original body, I do not know why, even minute long failed to find work, is indeed to be his wife said before leaving the the phrase: “like you useless, good for nothing man, who would want to follow you.”
  Original body tortured heart, his life did head a “great event”, he too上海419同城对对碰k half the money at home, but also left a letter, told her mother and son, they have to go outside to the battles, earn money, etc. on the back, this go, never came back.
  He thought that he will soon be able to go out to make money, after all that time, almost everywhere saying all kinds of good news, even around people to get rich, to go traveling in Europe and America, also believes that the mother and son can live a good life , no one thought, variable life, the need to make more than anyone else to imagine some.
  Pei family had lived in the house, the yard is divided, the land and the house, owned by the government, not them, he did not go for two years, the factory yard will call the shots a subsidy to a hundred dollars, to recover the house, to plant and staff housing package sold to another foreign company, Pei Grand杭州桑拿ma no way, not only in elementary school and move out grandson, Wu ditch onward to find t

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