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  After several sleepless nights, Pei Yifei decided to follow that information, to find his father that abandoned him ten years, promising to how the news was not wrong, he soon found his father, when he went to when his father happened t杭州夜网论坛o be hosting a wedding, he saw another little boy riding on his father’s shoulders, smiling, shouting father.
  He did not go in, but chose to leave quietly, back then, he has passed away grandmother on the secondary grave, glanced at what went Yiyi, the company will shut down completely to leave this sad place.His villains are not really even a novel so casually will be the end of all his scenes.
  This time, between father and son, and no major misunderstanding.
  Original body was born in an ordinary family, an ordinary man lukewarm, no big strengths, according to the way parents arranged for a wife, had this life, it should be no waves, but in the nineties, when the big catch scale layoffs tide, lost work.
  All this post he was top of his father’s job, something he learned from an early age, they are work-related and workshop, and som深圳桑拿网etimes did not work, he had some loss together, and those two years, the entire?City are in saturation, after all, at the same time laid-off workers, and many, even if it had already started to build some factories, but also can not accommodate so many people, could not find the original body of work, at home all day, doing nothing.
  The original body of the wife of the head is willing to share his lot, and she, too, found it hard to work out without results, she found that time had better opportunities, he proposed to the original body with her, to do manual labor, Although the body of the original promise, but can be clumsy, full help disservice, just one year, between two couples have a huge gap, his wife filed for divorce, very firmly, even bluntly said, if he did not accept divorce that she will leave, this time she is bent on!Original body had promised to divorce not long after, his wife went

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