in front of “A late” and her “A late” is not the same, her brother, is a well-behaved obedient boy, but no later than before the Arab aquiline nose, thick eyebrows black, eyes big and bright, with a faint hint of ominous light, covered with a trace of an unruly, a look that is a grumpy and rebellious youth Xiong Baba.

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  A late is not in front of her late brother A.
  Her brother stayed in another world.
  However, this is how the world will be another long two people think so, obviously a face, but temperament has undergone 都市夜网enormous changes.
  Jiang did not like rain late this looked at him, a long time ago, the rain is so, every time I see him, as if he was missing in through another person.
  ”Amid?”Jiang Chi whole body of temper and hostility as if tempted, like, the next second in the crater, that the volcano will spew out.
 南宁桑拿 Who Ruan rain, staring at the front of the late A look, she remembered the Arab-Israeli front is a late!Slowly eyes softened outrageous, she whispered, “A late, you come back!”
  Just a few words, let the whole body of the river late temper and hostility instantly disappear clean, soft, then obviously you want to say, but say it is stiff, “you will not worry about me!Let me die outside the best!”Then, his body a turn, to the back of the head of a dark rain Nguyen.
  Nguyen rain know this child anger, and she does not get mad, “A late, all these years you had a good or bad on the outside?”
  A late seven children from Pass village, smaller than her three days, but rain and Nguyen grew up in happiness, not inside the same nest, Jiang late life is particularly bitter, he is born mother died unexpectedly.
  Not long after his father gave him广州桑拿 to find a stepmother, stepmother he is a bully milk child can not speak, can be a bully awkward, and then later, stepmother was pregnant, I wanted to strangle the river late, which did not want to strangle thrown into the mountains inside, and finally to the wolves ran off.
  We all thought it was a child to the wolve

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