Strategic strike zone time.

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  Martin, Hawke Both were yesterday midnight arrived in Hong Kong.So Li Xuan to take care of the two of them deliberately postponed until the afternoon meeting time.This afternoon theme of the meeting is to report on each company a quarter of the operating conditions.
  ”A few months before we really met a lot of trouble, ABC series computer was IBM’s infringement lawsuit.FC game company Atari had been banned, has just listed on the “Kung Fu” and arcade in Japan accused have a tendency to ‘bloody violence’!
  In my opinion it is precisely these troubles the entire company’s performance flourishing.It means Dongfang Electronics Company no longer before the fledgling nobody, opponents are finally starting to pay attention to us, ready to seize every opportunity to put us down to the ground!”Li Xuan said with a smile.
  His recent performance of the Eastern bloc still very satisfied, ACON company in the event of patent infringement storm, stock had tumbled.But the company’s management to respond properly, not only luxury team of lawyers responding organizations in the United States, but also worldwide take advantage of this event to take advantage of a new round of promotional marketing.After the latest financial statements for the first quarter came out, ACON per share, the company’s share price has risen to 1480 pence, and soon is expected to exceed £ 15 mark.
  In the first three quarters of 1981, total sales of ABC series computer models reached 450,000 units, with a total revenue of up to 3.500 million pounds.ACON has gradually pulling away from Apple, to become the new leader in the computer industry.The software company Orient also take this ABC computer selling Dongfeng, total sales for the first three quarters of this year exceeded 100

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