What is left to the most important reason, because the Liu family.There is really no expertise in this area, thanks to manual calculation, it was time to study what?

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  ”Analysis came out, according to official data, in line with the conditions of the second three-tier cities have.One of the largest cities in qualified schools should have ten, at least on two.Liu master, you can how many people there Fearless?We have been able to ensure that every city has people who assist the police, but there you.”
  An hour later, the civilian smooth operation result handed their hands.
  Liu Qin Fei looked at the familiar name above the city’s small town, W City and other, took a deep breath, right in front of people exposed to a hint of laughter: “Do not worry, you have done to this point, and we certainly will not hold back, even to fly, we fly past will find people from other cities.”
  Just when they put the first step in this matter resolved smoothly, Yang Qin Bo also on the night sent off the car, carrying him to the destination.
  Qin Bo sense of direction is much better than Yan Suxin, as a former student who had the soul from the body senses more acute, so the car came to a stop, he already knew where he was located in the.
  Not only that, under

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