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  Mo Kam quickly look at the case of the younger sister, just stood up and pointed leaves White said after determining that all right.
  ”Smelly white leaf!You went too far!How dare you take advantage of my sister in a coma, kiss my sister’s mouth, you simply rogue!”
  Just woke up almost did not Mo Yu heart fainted again, there is such a sister really down eight life blood mold!
  ”Little Jin you Freeze said, and what is artificial respiration!”
  Mo Jin frowned, a look not understand, “artificial respiration how, and what it means!”
  White also leaves quite silent, light, he said.
  ”You do not know what artificial respiration?It is a very important way to save, when people coma to prevent vital organs from lack of oxygen caused irreversible damage.”
  ”do you understand?”
  Mo Kam suddenly shocked, she naturally knew artificial respiration is to help people blow, but just want to question about the leaves white, the result leaves a white actually say something so professional, she made a sudden are fine the word.
  But it can be considered to popularize knowledge of Jin Mo.
  ”Yeah so powerful artificial respiration.”
  ”Nonsense, artificial respiration can be life-saving.”
  White also leaves quite speechless

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