Not far from a fall on the double McDonald’s, he said in admiration: “I want to eat McDonald’s.”

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  Came to this world for so long, she has not eaten this well-known junk food it!
  ”it is good.”Yu Ze took her to McDonald’s and walked.
  Donna shocked: “how do you speak so well?”
  But he will buy milk careful comparison of different protein content of people behind the brand!
  ”The last day.”He said:” I want you to be happy.”
  After few guests McDonald’s restaurant and I bought two packages, Yu Ze holding the plate, and Donna sat down at a table on the second floor double window.
  Let the aroma of fried foods Donna appetizing, she could not wait to eat the fries a.
  After Yu Ze ketchup squeeze tear open the lid in Hamburg, Donna met quickly and took a French fries dipped in tomato sauce into his mouth.
  ”Tasty?”Remove the mask of his face with a smile Yu Ze.
  Donna nodded vigorously.
  Yu Ze smiled, touched her head.
  Half the height behind the partition, a breathless young man looked at the window of the two men laughing, shocked to aphasia.
  FML.He saw what?
  That look of ice scum Yu Ze turned out to be so gentle smile.?
  Yaoshou the

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