As, report it to save us!”

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  Oh ooh, XIA away prophecy never satisfied with the forests, do not pull the onions, vegetables do not want to do, hands behind angrily a man downstairs.
  Dad are not satisfied with the.
  Dad upset.
  My father has a lot of emotions!
  Upon seeing XIA away obediently slipped away from winter back down, one hand holding Cheng Dong, one hand to pull the mother, revealing a very cute smile to please: “We originally just wanted to tell you today when eating Well.”
  Xia Qing did not make dissatisfied, just to reach the next XIA pinched cheeks flushed away, smiled and asked: When did this happen, “ah?”
  ”Well it a few months!”XIA away holding her mother’s hand into a swinging,” there is no hiding you ah, at most, even if the report is a little late!A little bit!”
  Of course, spreading over her mother’s Johnson, the father is still Yaohong.
  Cheng winter stay in the living room, and Xia Qing chat.
  In fact, there is nothing to inventory account, after all, drive away winter and XIA is a grown up, and while Xia Qing Cheng Dong They chatted a few of the current situation, while clean up the piles pile up in the living room does not fit gift could not help but chuckle

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