Her smile, then think of what, took out something from his belt caught in, said: “This is the guy smoked cigarette butts remaining above soiled with his blood, if I had an accident.”

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  She bayan put things thrown into the micro-Sim feet long, with a great effort.
  Something hit the door and uttered a dull sound, then it is filled with air from a pungent taste, the system: “The host, fast.”
  But three or four seconds, long Xin micro perceived wrong, half of your body has been exposed at the door, but did not run away.
  A sight that quickly began to blur, her eyes closed, soft body down.
  Damp, dark basement, corner stood a rusty iron cage, which lay a man.Cages not far, three people wearing gloves around a busy operating table.
  Sew the last piece of skin, a bald man took off his gloves, grow breath: “Take her to the freezer warehouse, tomorrow is the delivery time, people have arranged?”He said that the Chinese.
  Another diminutive man should be a sound, turned around to see cages of people, hands bloodied scalpel aside, “This is how people are not awake, not too medicinal,

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