Three days before the hellish drug addiction, the day after will be able to keep going.

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  Returns UCA Group, a red light on the way in Chen diving time, several vice squad police whistle roared past, it seems to be the big things happen.
  Su Ching Chen diving think today has officially report to the vice squad, and some worry Mian Bude.
  He could not help but called the Su Qing of the phone, and the phone is turned off tips.
  Chen diving know, a number of important cases before the task actions have indeed shut down the request, but he was still worried about Su Qing.
  After all, before Su Qing in the work of the police station with the vice squad’s work is completely different.
  Two units danger faced is completely different, the police station up to the task is to grasp a thief or bully fight, vice squad are out-tasking may make a big case.
  Phone did not get through to Chen diving heart some anxiety, but this time Laosong called and said that what the total Cheng Jie Group to review the progress of the project it, asked him to come up.
  Chen diving let Laosong tell Bing, says he’ll get back, let her wait a little, he would like to invite to dinner Bing.
  Now is precisely the time for lunch at noon, Chen had to say good diving and Ye Xue Fu cafeteria to eat together, but now Bing comes, he can only change it plans to ask Bing.
  Diving has always wanted to thank Chen Bing, but Bing-day stay in the mirage of time

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