There is no way.”

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  To call an end to this link, also completely finished dinner.I do not want to be the fifth in Lan Zhou Yi who struggled to jump off, run around.
  Group of people in the program to clean up the site, late, today’s shooting also came to an end.
  Lin-sheng drank too much coconut milk, wait any longer, went to the bathroom, came out, saw Zhou Yi Lan talking in the courtyard and a girl.
  Girl, forest health impression is often followed by an assistant of wheat, called Great America.
  Lin born back in the side curtain, quietly listening to their conversation.
  Zhou Yi Lan: “great beauty, trouble you, when I go to bed at night snoring, Pachao to them, let me sleep alone in another room, right.”
  Forest Health pupil moved, first came to the house, he had seen the interior layout, one large and two small bedrooms, a large room with three beds, a small room is only one double bed.
  In order to avoid the program group of people alone, we should make them twenty-two room, separate sleeping.And being worried about Zhou Yi Lan will sleep room, separate out the results of his own request.
  Front of the camera equipment, no matter how, Zhou Yi Lan heart is certainly there pimple.Do not sleep with him, I’m happy now students have to wait for them to clap.
  Zhou Tai Mei looks

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