Her eyes suddenly light up, suddenly he pulled Liu Fei Qin’s hand: “Size!Sister, scale!The number of students checked before we can see that several schools to see if there is no law.If so, we can borrow this law, the investigation out most of the school.”

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  Liu Qin Philippine hear her say, is a bright eyes.
  If this is the case, perhaps the time had time.
  ”You wait, I went to consultants say whether we can report.”

  ☆, exchange and obstacles

  Sun Jia and Liu family as a family for the official to solve the numerous supernatural events, their words still credible.
  Liu Qin Philippine report with the grandmother for a moment, the two joint surety final official agreed to give them the transfer of several cities that all primary, basic data kindergarten, and before that eleven schools to detect abnormal data and without causing riots, he promised to send someone to help them act.
  With those data, in case of jade two weeks did not go, but altogether a special investigation team stationed in years, and work with them from the available information and analysis.
  Liu Qin Philippine watching the civilian skilled use of computer analysis of the data looks like, more determined to strengthen the idea of Liu Xia Yibei home culture and education.
  This is their to

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