Under stepped on a pile of wet leaves, the people directly along the woods slide down.

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  The woods are hay, but will not hurt, but at the end of the hay but it is a dead lake, a full seventy-eight meter deep lake dead!
  When Mo Yu screaming sound mind up and leaves the white figure also washed out.
  In the heart of Yu Mo instantly fall into the lake, leaves White also leap, two direct dived into the water.
  White water is naturally leaves no doubt where the water is very calm no danger, less than a minute, they put white leaf heart Yu Mo hold up.
  Yu Mo heart just frightened, drink a few saliva, fainted.
  After her flat on the shore, white leaves picked her lips, took a deep breath and blow into it.
  Standard artificial respiration, one minute sixteen.
  At this leaves White really did not feel evil, this time even if the injured person is a man, so also leaves white rescue.
  Leaves to waste time being artificial respiration, Mo Jin, who is also a whirlwind rushed down and saw this scene stunned moment.
  Holy crap, really peach blossom ah.
  Less than a minute, heart Yu Mo cough up a few saliva, long awake

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