I drove to see the little master, there is no time.”

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TGP step by step hot pursuit, “Nothing ah, I can keep them give you rice.”

Chu Wenjin looking stiff, “No, I do not know what to do when, back met.”

After Chu Wenjin leave this sentence, directly Jiaodimoyou leave the territory.

TGP watched him leave, disdain Biebie mouth, turned around and looked at Ann Wei Zhen said: “Wei Zhen you have to use Diner.”

An indifferent Wei Zhen looking at her, “No, just drink a bowl already full.”

TGP think about is, after all, a whole bowl of soup Diet, it is also not the only security tugging at the Zhen, “Well, I went looking for someone to help me try to dish.”

Wei Zhen peony Ann Moran looked away, which is to hold the rhythm Diet series scourge of the others.

In the afternoon, Wei Zhen An punctual appeared on the scene International Tournament, do not know is not really white peony Diet supplement, anyway, what good afternoon Wei Zhen 3-0 to record only won two rounds to play completely opposite not a temper, Guowu Ares Ann’s sudden fame heyday in a public player.

Almost all the audience watch the game, remember this petite, delicate face, momentum and windy young

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