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  Donna: ah ha ha ha ha.
  peak moment –
  Yu Ze: restless.
  Donna: ah ha ha ha ha.
  Speed Speed –
  Yu Ze: trance.
  Donna: ah ha ha ha ha.
  Large pendulum, Wind & Fire –
  Yu Ze: There is no love.
  Donna: ah ha ha ha ha.
  Go down from the big pendulum, Yu Ze think you are going to vomit, Donna has to play out of interest, he has been pulled, he said: “Play Again!play again!”
  Yu Ze: “.it is good.”
  Large pendulum, Wind & Fire –
  Yu Ze: not to die.
  Donna: ah ha ha ha ha.
  How he can do, he is very desperate.
  Unknowingly went to the noon time, one after the other as they walk on the arched stone bridge, Donna tossed like a swing, like two interlocking fingers of the hand.
  ”Nana!”Yu Ze suddenly said.
  She lifted her head – he looked, she found him not.
  She followed his gaze turned around and looked and found that he had ordered a bridge is about to launch a large glowing white goose.
  ”I’m the Nana!”Donna anger, a slap shot in his back.
  Ze Yu could not help but laugh, she said: “Are you hungry yet?What to eat?”
  ”do not know.”Donna’s eyes

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