stand up.

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  Behind the result suddenly heard a big voice familiar cry: “Why do!”
  They startled, looked back, Oh.
  Cheng white winter distress handsome face was red, it is not to tell their parents did not expect it, intimacy first bag was arrested, his hands still trapped in the pocket behind XIA away from it, had very embarrassed to say hello: “The Forest uncle, aunt summer.”
  XIA away would have been very shy, but the forest is a heavy rock loud roar, she wore a flushed face, confidently up immediately: “It is not yet five o’clock in the afternoon!How to escape ban it!Ban Ban escape before fleeing Well!Not good to be home, but also ran the roof!”
  Lin heard the heavy rock wandering round eyes wide, looked at their own daughter is still winter journey back surely, it alone is not down, angrily authentic: “Ban escape to cook for you!Pull up a few onions!What are you doing on the roof of it!”
  ”Well – you have not seen the thing!”XIA drive away the winter arms around his hands lifted up, cupped his head, take away the winter when the marionette-like, to help him and nodded,” Yes, yes, that is, you see that kind.Big voice forests comrades, Ms. Xia youthful beauty, which you have to see

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