Cry, cries of grief is tightly repressed, she was afraid of attracting other people, sutural overflow lip very desperate weeping.

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  However, no matter what she said is true, long micro Sim can not help her.
  ”The only thing I can do is help you alarm, in addition, I can not do anything.”
  Woman limp on the ground, murmured: “I managed to escape, I want to call my husband, he must be a way of.”
  Micro Sim looked at her long dirty skirt, she suddenly felt a little familiar.
  Twist eyebrow thought, exposing her shocked expression.
  This woman is the night in a hotel, man leaning on woman.
  Think of the information you just heard, she said: “Do not worry, I just heard someone discuss your thing, you and when he appeared in the town, to be seen, and they have been reported to the police, you’ll be fine, your son will be fine.”
  ”Thank you,” the woman barely hint of laughter, then cautiously asked, “Can I borrow your phone you?After I got off the phone immediately leave, you will not hurt the.”
  Xin long micro cell phone on the floor, kicked her.
  Woman thankful for

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