Stick to it, he once went to, might break the vicious sense of their own Chakun.

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  The final diving Chen chose to let Chakun yourself to make it through the day and night.
  The onset of drug addiction will be a painful one than, Chen diving needs Chakun every time Genghen treat yourself, so that he can rest assured.

Chapter 136 sour taste

  Until noon the next day, Chen went to see before diving Chakun.
  Already put themselves locked Chakun Qiruoyousi slumped on the ground, when he felt the onset of addiction to when he gave himself locked and the key thrown into their own place out of reach.
  Until now, he has four episodes, each to be suffering more than the last time.
  Chen diving with Siam Chakun like to eat food went to his side, he would put aside food containers.
  Chakun opened his eyes, smiled slightly, raising his hand diving schematic Chen to leave as quickly as possible, do not look at his pair of ghosts.
  Chen did not say diving, tell Chakun tomorrow he will come back to send a meal.
  He knew Chakun first day is the most special, to try to avoid seeing him, let a person go against Chakun to boil, he can later try to restrain myself in front of outsiders when drug seizures.
  When people could stay all alone down a lot of things it will become much easier.
  Chen diving some can not bear to leave the door closing, survived as long as he believes Chakun

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