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  Suzi Han, who laughed again.
  ”Then you put a little sweet mouth three days, the brothers coax happy, rub eat rub drink.”Yao Ji Li said.
  Lin-sheng think it is a good idea, then saw Yao Ji ceremony still feel left hand ring, and asked him, “remember it?”
  Lin-sheng startled the next, “Remember.”
  After hanging up the phone, he was a bit absent-minded.Suzi Han drink some white water, lip throat, which has been silent for a moment Zhou Yi Lan said:
  ”You and Wan Bai Hao call it, at a safe.”
  Zhou Yi Lan see another two people have a telephone call, he had to come up with the phone, dial the side of his mouth, “he and I had just started soon, the words are dry, you feel afraid of boring.”
  Lin-sheng take it, “No, ah, I Jizong Gang together when the other side is very sticky.”
  Zhou Yi Lan pursed lip, Suzi Han smiled and said: “We think there is no meaning is not important, or your own mind.”
  ”Yes ah, Wan Hao Bo If you receive a call, the more fun ah.”Said the ignorant.
  Lan Zhou Yi smiled and said that the results of the phone has been no answer, his smile a little stiff, “he should be in the film program, the phone is not in the body.”
  Ignorant of the name of rounders to come out, “since it is at work, that

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