Artists, dumbfounded.

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  Man child smashed pottery direct phone.
  Liao Xiaoxiao stand up and loudly asked, “What about me?What about us?Those of us on the way out of it?”
  Lu seventy-one look to Liaoxiao Xiao Feng and his face does not look good beginning, “you said, halfway out.Children, luck, you poor.Ability, you move others ready.Talent, I have not seen.Appealing to viewers, it seems there are some.”
  Caicai the foot of the stage, “Boys, I’ll give you such a big stage, you give the campaign trail.Let you prepare in advance, to categorize your age and preferences of the audience, to tell you the protection of their popularity, I made it this far, ah, do you think I get such a big stall, money is burning ah?You only think of how much money I made tonight, I do not think about how much money to put you right?”
  Lu seventy-one mouth hung faint smile, “your company has a holding of obligations, but did not coax your kindness!!Live tonight really think this is a small role to cast ah?I am not short-sighted vision!!But you short-sighted to be so I am very surprised that this company was also attacked it, you will kill each other first, and wake up, look long term!!Rotten meat in a pot, and have not yet Dunlan it wanted to kick someone else, do not look at who is the chef boss!!”
  ”I then stop here, anyway, finally the results, I will let you astonished.”Having land seventy-one schematic wearing several fan

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