In a hurry, and quickly pick up the phone!”Li Zhi Xuan Li brushed hand, pulled him out of bed.

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  ”The boss just called Government House, Sir Murray invite you to dinner tonight!”Keli Lun report on the phone the other end of road.
  Government House is half past nine calls to the headquarters of the Dongfang Electronics, Keli Lun wait until ten o’clock to see their boss has not come to work, Li Xuan is also not allowed to guess when they could be, but the Government House there waiting for answer, so he had to take the initiative Contact your own boss.
  Of course, he was the driver and bodyguard give a call Li Xuan, and they asked Chu Li Xuan slept last night where just call here to Miss Li.In fact, Li Xuan around people know the relationship between Li Zhi and the boss, but we usually should not say never to utter.This Zhongchu Hong genuine girlfriend recently seemed to Li Xuan also 破罐子破摔, some laissez-faire.As long as Li Zhi do not appear in her eyes seem discouraging on the line.
  ”Reply to Government House over there, I’ll be coming at night!”Li Xuan Hang up the phone, mouth ghost of a smile, it appears that last night’s” Qiang Qiang “the results were good.
  ”See you nasty smile, they do not know who in the calculation!”Li Zhi end to the breakfast is a bowl of red bean porridge cooked her own hands.
  ”I have so unbearable it?”Li Xuan said discontent.”How is red bean porridge?”
  ”Drink red bean porridge can Qi and blood!”Li Zhi like a small intimate maidservants, personally rice to feed his mouth,” Do not eat fried stuff in the morning, too greasy for a bad stomach!”
  Li Xuan breakfast like to eat spring rolls for dessert but had not too cold: “I need a kidney, no blood.Last night was almost

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