DuerOS bursts of three smart hardware, Baidu shine at CES?

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Las Vegas time January 9 to 12, the 51st International Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas, Baidu AI focus on appearance, Apollo autopilot open platform and conversational artificial intelligence operation the system DuerOS released a new technology and hardware products, Apollo platform R & D leader Wang Jing proud to announce Apollo2.0 officially opened, Baidu COO Lu Qi was opening speech。
Lu Qi said "AIisborderless", technological innovation and global benefits everyone, with Chinese population, data, industrial clusters, the structure of the advantages of the policy, although high-end technology and personnel from the United States is still the leader in terms, but China and the United States of in narrowing the gap between the fast Lu Qi: Baidu is the most active AI platform "Baidu's AI in a very, very fast pace, Baidu took the lead in 2013 created a deep learning Academy, we established in 2014 in Silicon Valley a laboratory, called BaiduResearch, 2015, we released the first version of DuerOS, it is a conversational AI 2016 platform, Baidu released the autonomous vehicle technology and Baidu brain, in mid-2017, we adopted a series of new the AI product-driven, in particular, was released Apollo platform autopilot clear the AI development direction of the company, "Lu Qi summed up the AI development of Baidu。
Lu Qi introduce AI progress Baidu In addition, as the person responsible for the Apollo platform developed specifically proud of Wang Jing introduced Apollo2.0 of details, he said that the current Apollo2.A total of 16 version 0.50,000 lines of code, it is possible to realize a simple urban roads autopilot, marking the Apollo platform includes cloud services, software platforms, hardware reference platform and reference vehicle platforms, including the four modules have been in place, it can bring the most complete solutions and flexible architecture, the first open security services, and to further strengthen the self-positioning, perception, planning, decision-making and the ability to cloud simulation。
Wang Jing proud to reports, the Silicon Valley start-up companies AutonomouStuff autopilot will be within one week Apollo1.0 vehicles upgraded Apollo2.0 version。 Wang Jing Ao will Apollo2.0 special summary of three points, a localization do very well; Second, planning techniques is very high; Third, can make traffic lights screening, see obstacle, 500 meters away。 At the same time, Baidu also announced Udacity jointly launched globally oriented Apollo autopilot online courses, talent driven industry。
Google father of unmanned vehicles, Udacity founder SebastianThrun as a special guest to attend the conference, and expressed expectations for bilateral cooperation: "Baidu together, we expect the Apollo system and autopilot popularity to the world, so that everyone Mai the first step in becoming an engineer unmanned and truly usher in unmanned technology 'universal era'。
"US-video connection, of course, there is a scene unmanned car video connection, this is not Li on rings, 'AIisChangingtheWorld, ChinaSpeed' Lu Qi showcase China to the world's developers, partners in Las Vegas way speed – remote connection Beijing at 7 o'clock in the morning in Beijing, ten Apollo unmanned vehicle to start running around Baidu Building!Baidu's look at what is Apollo?It is understood that Apollo is an open, integrated, secure platform, Baidu want to help the automotive industry and the field partners autopilot combination of vehicle and hardware systems, rapid build a complete autopilot system a set of their own, provided a complete set of hardware and software systems and services, including four parts, Baidu will also open code or the ability to perceive the environment, path planning, vehicle control, on-board operating system and other functions of the vehicle platform, hardware platform, software platform, cloud data services and provide a complete development testing tools。 As early as Baidu AI Developers Conference last year on July 5, Baidu first announced Apollo detailed roadmap, technical frameworks, and the first phase of opening up Apollo1.Capacity 0。
September 20, 2017, Baidu released as scheduled Apollo1.5 version, open obstacle perception, planning and decision-making, cloud simulation, high-precision mapping service, end-to-depth study (End-to-end) and other five core capabilities and support given day and night lane autopilot, continued empowerment partner, which times, Baidu open the Apollo 2.0 version。
Statistics show that the current scale of the Apollo ecological partners has exceeded 70, Apollo ecology have radiation on the OEM cooperation width, layer 1, the core suppliers, travel service providers, emerging companies, fund investment institutions, government and research institutions, overseas enterprises and institutions accounted for nearly 30%。

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